Google Chromecast 4K with Google TV GA01919-IT

Meet Chromecast with Google TV.

Chromecast with Google TV streams entertainment content up to 4K HDR resolution.
All your favorite entertainment. In one place.
Google TV organizes movies and TV shows from your favorite services on one screen.
Find the content you want based on your preferences.
Receive personalized recommendations based on the content you prefer.
Do more with your TV with the voice-controlled remote.
Ask for a specific title or search by mood, genre, performer and more.
Less app.
More entertainment.
Google TV organizes all your content on one screen, from all your streaming services - deciding what to watch will be very easy.
A personalized way to choose the next content to watch.
Receive personalized recommendations.
Choose what to watch based on your subscriptions, viewing history, and your own content.
Only the best at the right price.
When looking for a show or movie, find out if it's included in your services or compare prices on other ways to watch it.
From the small screen to the TV.
Stream from hundreds of compatible Android and iOS apps directly from your phone, laptop or tablet. And mirror the Chrome browser tab to the TV.
Watch your favorite content using voice commands.
Press the Google Assistant button on the supplied remote and ask Google to find movies, shows or music.
Designed with your home in mind.
Colleague. Start streaming.
Chromecast works with almost any TV with an HDMI port. Just plug it into a power outlet, connect it to Wi-Fi, and start streaming.
Check what happens in the house.
Watch the Nest Cam's feed directly on your TV.
Turn up the volume.
Group Chromecast with other Nest speakers and displays to listen to music in every corner of the house.
Give your TV a new lease of life.
Upgrade your TV and help reduce waste that ends up in landfills.

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Part Number: GA01919-IT

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