Display Lcd Samsung S10 SM-G973F red GH82-18850H GH82-18835H

EAN: 13273

Part Number: GH82-18850H GH82-18835H

Lcd red and touch already assembled with frame and speaker for Samsung S10 SM-G973F model GH82-18850H, original product service pack, sealed, new and working.
assembly by an expert technician is recommended in order not to invalidate the warranty, returns are not accepted for mounted and glued displays.
Do not remove the protective films, test the functionality of the display.
If at this stage it is found to be defective, open a return request within three months of purchase.
The return is not accepted if the display has cracks, scratches, damaged flats, signs of glue other than that already on the display.
The display loses its warranty after final assembly.
Any return requests will not be taken into consideration.

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