Sunshine SS-890C Pro plotter films cutting machine hydrogel (12.9 inch)

SUNSHINE SS-890C Pro Multifunction Intelligent Cloud Film Cutting Machine (13 INCH)

13 inch large size cut, suitable for most Pad and smartphone in the market.
The first to support mobile phone Bluetooth operation and device WIFI operation
Applicable to all kinds of mobile phones and the black and front membrane cut fit perfectly to the front and back of the phone (the cutting blade is guaranteed for over 1000 cuts)
The latest generation of Sunshine Hydrogel films (SS-057) are very easy to apply
which guarantees a bubble-free result and impact resistance far superior to traditional tempered glass
Once applied they are practically invisible and guarantee the perfect functioning of the touch of the
The small scratches are reabsorbed to daily use in a few hours, guaranteeing a perfectly shiny and transparent surface
Having a separate operating system, you don't need to require an operating system

EAN: 6971806510991

Part Number: SS-890C Pro

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