­Xiaomi Mi True Earphones 2 Basic White BHR4089GL

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Headset 2 Basic is a newly launched version 5.0 Bluetooth headset that provides excellent sound and call quality without tangled wires.
Semi-in-ear design.
It can provide maximum comfort and best fit for long-term use, noise free, ambient noise with dual microphone to ensure your phone is not clogged.
Longer battery life: The battery life of the earbuds is 5 hours when fully charged, while the total life of the boxed battery is 20 hours.
Hearing detection: when you take off a headset, the built-in sensor can help automatically suspend the music, quick pairing double-click (global MIUI), double-tap the headset to enter music control, phone or voice assistance .
Excellent Sound Quality: The headphones are compatible with AAC, which is an advanced codec which can achieve better sound quality on iOS and Android.