Tenda Router Mobile 4G LTE V2 4G185

EAN: 6932849430554

Part Number: 4G185

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    Fast and reliable 4G connection
    Equipped with 4G LTE mobile internet connectivity, Tenda 4G185 offers download speeds of up to 150 Mbps for uninterrupted HD movie playback and video chat, as well as fast file downloads.
    Network always protected on the move
    Unlike public Wi-Fi networks, 4G185 offers excellent protection and security of your business or personal data.
    High battery efficiency: up to 10 hours of uninterrupted operation
    Equipped with a generous 2100 mAh battery, the Tenda 4G185 allows you to work up to 10 consecutive hours and a week on standby. The battery is rechargeable, removable and replaceable.
    Intuitive user interface for clear and immediate information
    Tenda 4G185 has a small display that provides all the necessary connectivity information, such as 3G / 4G signal strength, download / upload speed, battery status, Wi-Fi signal range, how many users are connected and much more.
    easy and immediate access to the cellular network with a SIM card
    Tenda 4G185 is equipped with a Micro SIM slot, completely plug & play allows you to use the Internet wherever there is a connectivity service.